Our statement

In order to achieve a sustainable society, we must all contribute with our knowledge and drive. At Bengt Dahlgren, we have decided to take a stand. We shall be pioneers.

With committed employees, we offer a turnkey solution that contributes to more sustainable construction. It must be profitable for customers to be sustainable. We are certified in accordance with ISO 14001 and 9001.

We live as we learn and do our bit.


Our sustainability goals

Increased project sustainability – we follow-up the climate impact of our projects.

Reduced climate impact – half emission of greenhouse gases by 2021.

Attractive place to work – satisfied employees, 35 % female employees on all levels by 2025.


Carbon offsetting

Bengt Dahlgren offsets its CO2 footprint for all aircraft and car journeys made. Internally, we work systematically to reduce our climate footprint by measuring, setting targets, and implementing well-planned measures. We have reduced car and aircraft journeys, and have reduced our energy use to the extent that our climate footprint per person fell by 13% during 2017 (compared with 2016).

An initiative for our planet

Carbon offsetting is done via ZeroMission in the Yaeda Valley REDD+ project in northern Tanzania, which seeks to project forests in efforts undertaken in collaboration with the hunter-gatherer people of the Hadza tribe. In addition to having a climate benefit, the project also contributes to the promotion of biodiversity, ecosystem services and social added value. The epitome of sustainability!



We work intensively on sustainability issues in our building projects. Some of our cutting edge projects within sustainability:

  • Hoppet
  • Brf Viva
  • HSB living lab
  • KTH Live-in Lab


Sustainability iniatives

Färdplan för en klimatneutral byggsektor och Fossilfritt Sverige (Swe)

Hållbart Brandskydd – en handbok om hållbar projektering (Swe)

Engineers without borders (Eng)

Sveriges och branschens bästa arbetsgivare (Swe)

Kranmärkta kontor (swe)

Call for the European Union to update targets for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions (Swe)



Sustainability policy (Eng)

Quality and Environmental Policy (Eng)

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