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Bengt Dahlgren is involved in the project as a supporting partner and has carried out all the plumbing design. The idea of the lab is to reduce the lead time between research and market.

As well as the lab, the project consists of four homes on the KTH Campus. The homes are intended to be changed every year depending on the research focus and can be converted into a maximum of 8 apartments. The apartments, which will be inhabited by students, are linked to the various research projects, where test data is collected and can be monitored via an app.

The requirement from KTH is to carry out research that will lead to smart and sustainable buildings. They will test grey water recovery, where the water from showers and sinks is returned to the shower, something that Bengt Dahlgren and Graytec are testing. Director Jonas Anund Vogel, who came up with the idea of the Live-In Lab, linked Bengt Dahlgren and Graytec with a researcher, which has led to a research group, six companies and a municipality now investigating this type of recycling.

Christer Larsson of Bengt Dahlgren has been involved from the start:

“It’s a very exciting project as it gives us the opportunity to carry out research in many different areas relating to housing. This could be the collection of data on everything from temperature and carbon dioxide volumes to more product-specific areas such as lighting, radiators in heating systems and technology products such as different types of data and mobile networks.”

“Our main task and challenge in this project has been to ensure that the laboratory premises are as flexible as possible for future research and to create the conditions for carrying out different types of research,” concludes Christer.






Christer Larsson

Christer Larsson

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