Kullaberg vineyard

The new winery in Höganäs

Kullaberg Vineyard is a vineyard on the isle of Kulla in Skåne, the county of Höganäs. Wine is produced on 14 hectares on the same land as the building itself. The vineyard makes wine and cider that are available in limited editions at Systembolaget. They also produce different sorts of liquor and will be making red and sparkling wine too when the new winery is finished. Wine will also be aged on oak barrels in the basement.

The building on the vineyard is approximately 1 875 square meters and will be ventilated with 4 AHU’s, one of which is a circulation unit with humidifiers and dehumidifiers that will support the storage in the basement where the climate needs to be 12 degrees celcius and have a maximum of 68% RH. The production will increase from 5000 bottles a year to 50 000 bottles.

The building will also have staff areas, conference room, meeting venue, tank areas, presses, bottling areas, storage, mechanical shop, lab, machine storage and technical spaces. The areas have different climates, in temperature and humidity. The tanks that the wines are produced in will be heated and cooled with a separate heat pump and the building will be heated and cooled with a geothermal heat pump and a cooling unit that are connected to bore holes. The tanks will vary in temperature between 1 degree celcius and 25 degrees celcius depending on the process.

The building will have solar panels on the roof, the electricity is currently limited. The building will be connected to public water, waste and storm water but have its own cold water well. The well will be used to clean surfaces in the production areas and have a separate waste system that will lead the waste water and storm water to a dam. They will use pressure washers, steam units and a central compressed air unit will be placed in the attic and pipes will be placed around the property.

We designed the fire protection, ventilation & plumbing, compressed air, gases and also calculated power requirements and calculated energy for the building permission.

Pictured above is the owner of the vineyard, Björn Odlander, and from Bengt Dahlgren AB, Richard Steinert (to the right).



Richard Steinert

Richard Steinert

Construction/Project Management, Costing

Helsingborg, Malmö

042-444 29 75

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