Kv Forskningen – KTH Rocks

Kv Forskningen comprises three buildings, which were built on the highest point of the KTH Campus for student accommodation, with a focus on innovation and sustainability. The houses are large-scale plus energy houses, where heat recovery, geothermal heating and strategically placed solar cells contribute to an economically sustainable system for long-term administration of the buildings. KTH Rocks was the architect Linda Teng’s working title for Kv Forskningen.

The project has a strong, innovative character and one of the objectives is to achieve the Miljöbyggnad Gold certification. The three buildings house 350 student apartments and the KTH Live-In Lab, which you can read more about here.

Bengt Dahlgren joined the project as the plumbing designer and is very proud of the fact that it has now been nominated for Building of the Year. The project has already received an award, The Class Property Innovation and Sustainability Award 2018, which the architects Semrén & Månsson describe on their website.




Christer Larsson

Christer Larsson

Verksamhetsområdeschef Installation



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