Sweden’s largest museum of art and design has reopened its doors. Nominated for Building of the Year 2019, the Kasper Salin Prize and winner of the ROT Prize.


The mecca of art has reopened!

Nationalmuseum is Sweden’s largest museum of art and design. It is also a state-owned body with the task of promoting art. The collections include paintings, sculptures, miniatures, arts and crafts, design, drawings, lithographs and portrait photographs. The collections hold approximately 700,000 objects from the 16th century to the present day.

Bengt Dahlgren AB was handed the prestigious task of designing the new ventilation and air conditioning, as well as the sprinkler, control and monitoring systems. We also ensured that the energy and environmental objectives were met.

Nationalmuseum has been closed since 2013 for extensive renovation. In the demanding environment of a museum, where everything must be designed from the perspective of preserving art, this was an unusual and challenging task. An obvious starting point for the National Property Board of Sweden during the renovation was to satisfy the needs of the business in terms of climate, security, accessibility, fire safety and logistics. These are requirements which are absolutely vital to running a modern museum and to be able to remain in the building that Friedrich August Stüler designed and constructed in the 1860s as Sweden’s main art museum. This is also where the extreme complexity of the project was to be found.

An initial and key challenge was to determine where the technology, in the form of ventilation and air conditioning systems, would be placed, successfully adding thousands of metres of technical installations, while enlarging the public areas of the building. Bengt Dahlgren prepared a unique solution, where air conditioning and sprinkling of the premises is carried out via the ceiling roses located in the arches 12 metres above the floor. This means that a unique supply air terminal device was designed to supply humidified air to the premises, in order to maintain the high climate requirements.. The sprinkler head is also located in the centre of the rose. Ventilation pipes, sprinkler devices and climate solutions are concealed everywhere – behind windows, walls and floors – to manage temperature, humidity and fire safety.

Technology-wise, there is no comparison with how it used to look. The entire museum is now divided into different climate zones, which allows the museum to have an exhibition that maintains a specific climate in one room, and another exhibition that requires a completely different climate in the next.

On Saturday, 13th October 2018, the Nationalmuseum was reopened by the King, in the presence of the Queen, Crown Princess and Prince Daniel. SVT also released a documentary on the whole renovation. Tomas Engdahl of Bengt Dahlgren AB, who was one of the senior consultants for this task, contributed with his expertise and experience.

Nationalmuseum has also been nominated for Building of the Year, the Kasper Salin Prize and winner of the ROT Prize.






Photo of the roof with Tomas Engdahl, Bengt Dahlgren: Energi- och Miljötekniska Föreningen
Photo of the roof: Linn Ahlgren/Nationalmuseum
Photo of the building: Hans Thorwid/Nationalmuseum



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