The Winery Hotel

Bengt Dahlgren has prepared the first program and system documentation for plumbing services with the property owner Fabege.

The turnkey contractor then came in to form a cooperation between Veidekke and Arcona, with Bengt Dahlgren preparing the construction documentation for plumbing services. We also then made some minor tenancy adjustments for plumbing services with the hotel operator The Winery Hotel.

Bengt Dahlgren also produced the environmental certification according to BREEAM International with Fabege as the customer throughout the process.

In parallel with the plumbing services project, Bengt Dahlgren also designed their cooling and plumbing equipment in the hotel’s winery, which continued to operate throughout this period as a stand-alone project for the hotel operator The Winery Hotel.

The hotel undertakes solid environmental work and will continue to be active in reducing energy consumption, e.g. through effective heating and ventilation systems, as well as using LED or low energy lamps as light sources.



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