Tomteboda – Kv Posten 1

The postal terminal from 1983 will be modernized into offices and logistics spaces.

The block called Posten 1 in Solna (The postal terminal) from 1983 will be modernized into offices and logistics spaces. The project involves a total restoration of all spaces and updating all technical systems.

Tomteboda was built as a post terminal in the beginning of the 1980’s. The location was meticulously chosen with proximity to the city center, roads and railroads. The location was, and is, a logistic center. The project started in 2016 and the buidling is roughly 100 000 square metres, partly classified rebuidling project with partly ongoing operating systems during building.

Bengt Dahlgren participated in the project by designing the ventilation & plumbing with technical spaces, designing the building automations, designing the sprinklers, calculated energy & climate, BIM-strategy & 3D-coordination, environmental coordination and a follow up of the BREEAM-In-Use certification.

During design and rebuild, a lot of consideration went in to making the building technically flexible in regards to spaces and different types of organizations. The following adjustments to tenants inside the building that previously housed logistics are for modern offices and tenants like restaurant schools, postal operations and authorities with high technical standards.

The projects was also coordinated with the close by, ongoing, project of building the SL bus workshop and depot. Extensive designing of, and delimitations for, joint installations and technical spaces.


Anton Lockner

Anton Lockner

HVAC, Costing


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