Research & Development

We drive social development!

Bengt Dahlgren’s commitment to research and development (R&D) comes from a significant interest in technology, dedication, curiosity, and customer-driven issues.

Our R&D work aims to generate social benefit by supporting technical development. Being at the leading edge of technical development continually opens up new doors for both the company and the industry, and is also in line with Bengt Dahlgren’s values.

Although we pursue our own projects, we are also active within training and research projects in various institutes of higher education such as the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH), Chalmers University of Technology (CTH), and the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University (LTH). We also collaborate with and are active within various authorities and industry organisations, and publish material that is of general interest to the business community.

Our participation in industry get-togethers and scientific conferences helps disseminate knowledge and produces publications that drive development forwards.


A selection of R&D-projects

Tryckbärande borrhål för högtemperaturlager (Swe)

HSB Living Lab – Resan mot framtidens boende (Swe)

Hoppet – Swedens first fossil-free preschool (Eng)

Positive footprint housing (Swe)

FED – Fossil free Energy Districts (Swe)


A selection of published articles

Development of a thermal conductivity map of Stockholm (Eng)

High temperature borehole thermal energy storage – A case study (Eng)

The Newton-Raphson method applied to the time-superposed ILS for parameter estimation in thermal response tests (Eng)

Trycksättning av trapphus – Risker och möjligheter (Swe)

Brandgasventilation i osprinklade industrilokaler (Swe)

Optimering av brandgasventilation i stora industrier (Swe)


We are a co-owner of

Johanneberg Science Park (Eng)


We also support

Solar energy and ground source heat pumps for Swedish multi-family housing (Eng)

Resurseffektiva kyl- och värmepumpsystem samt kyl- och värmelager (Swe)

Alternative secondary fluids (Eng)

Deep Borehole Heat Exchanger (Swe)

Centre for management of the built environment – CMB (Eng)

Centrum för boendets arkitektur (Swe)

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