BIM, Building Information Modelling, is about managing the information about a building in an effective and organised way. Bengt Dahlgren’s services within BIM ensure that all building information will be used and fully benefited from.

The latest thing in BIM is visualisation with VR technology, which provides the opportunity to experience a building before completion to see what the building will look like and to get a real idea of the size of the building’s interior. Project management with schedules, quantifying and costings based on the BIM model are some of the examples of what Bengt Dahlgren is currently supplying to major projects. Our BIM specialists are active throughout the construction process, from creating BIM strategies and coordinating BIM models to applying BIM methodology for contractors, administrators and property owners, regardless of their size.

The entire construction process offers great potential to save time and money with the competent use of Building Information Modelling.

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