Bengt Dahlgren always strives to reduce the impact on the environment. Our analyses and investigations are characterised by our holistic approach. We have expertise in environmental certifications, environmental programs, environmental plans, environmental coordination and environmental investigations.

Our holistic approach enables us to offer eco-friendly system solutions tailored to the customer’s specific requirements.

Environmental certification of new construction

Bengt Dahlgren AB helps property owners and developers to obtain environmental certification for new buildings or existing buildings requiring conversion.

We have certified environmental coordinators for all the environmental certification systems available on the Swedish market.

We have extensive experience of helping property owners and developers to steer the environmental and energy work in the right direction throughout the construction process, from the early stages to administration of the building.

We take overall responsibility when we assume the role of operating, coordinating and administering the environmental certification work, and carrying out all the energy and climate calculations, investigations and inventories required by the certification systems.

We have environmentally certified both large and small buildings as well as different building types and businesses, e.g. industries, commerce, offices, hotels, housing, care homes, etc.

In the early stages of the construction process, we help the property owner/developer to investigate appropriate certification systems and certification levels. We establish environmental programs and inspection plans to steer the work in the right direction. Furthermore, during the design process we monitor compliance of the certification criteria through environment meetings and the review of documents and evidence. During the production stage, we carry out continuous environmental audits at the construction site to ensure compliance with the criteria.

The environmental coordinator acts as a support for all project participants. The aim of the environmental coordination task is to provide all the relevant disciplines with the required knowledge, effective tools and good opportunities to complete their tasks successfully. In addition to providing advice and steering the environmental work through the construction process, we help with all the administration around environmental certification. We register and apply for certification, and collect all the required supporting documents in the form of drawings, descriptions, certificates, declarations, calculation results, inspections, etc. We also carry out analyses, calculations and inventories relating to energy and the environment.

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