Risk Management

Don’t let risks limit your success.

In an urban, technically driven and climate threatened world, the need to anticipate, prevent, resist and handle risks and crises increases.

Without risks, no development. Thats why the ability to make risk conscious descisions and handle unwanted events is a prerequisite to succeed. That’s what we at Bengt Dahlgren call efficient risk and cires management. We are experts in decreasing uncertainty and create resistance which will save money for projects, your organization as well as society.

We can help with risk and crises management by:

  • Predict the unpredictable
  • Prevent, resist and handle risks and crises
  • Create the basis for smarter descision making
  • Save time and money
  • Succeed with projects and iniatives

With a deep understanding for your organizations needs and prerequisites we can help you, through risk and crisis management, reach the results most important to you. As a part of a technical consultancy firm with more than 550 employees we also have all of our service areas under the same roof.

Please read about our services below and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

We also offer courses and free classes about Risk Management.

HSE - Health, Safety & Environment

Are you confident about your HSE-work? No one in Sweden should be injured, sick or die because of their work. A good work environment needs a systematic and continuous approach wwith Arbetsmiljölagen (AML)Arbetsmiljöverkets författningssamling (AFS) and Miljöbalken as your frame work.

As experts in health, safety and environment, we know the laws and can evaluate what ergonomic, psychic, social and physical risks are present in your place of work. We will help you reduce the risk of illness, accidents and improve your work environment from a holistic approach.

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