Technical Management

We help our customers in all parts of your property’s administration stage.

Administration information agreements

We can help you to administer your properties, giving you new opportunities and freedom. We can give you a total solution for your information needs. We carry out inventories in your existing properties and link intervals for supervision, checks and inspections in relation to laws, your organisation and activities in the property. The service includes a contact person at Bengt Dahlgren with good knowledge of your property holdings and your organisation, who can create good administration information agreements. When anything changes in any of your properties, notify your contact person who will then make sure that the administration information is updated. If the change means that supervision, maintenance, inspection or periodic statutory authority inspections will have to be carried out, these will be documented properly with an opportunity for monitoring.

When you sign an agreement with us, it includes a simple and user-friendly, web-based tool. This tool contains a record, which allows you to quickly see an overall view of what your properties contain. We link this record with plans for periodic supervision, controls and authority inspections. You get access to the information via our tool, where you can see current information and confirm that the plans have been carried out. The tool enables you to also manage incidents, deviations and faults relating to your property. The tool gives you full control on what has happened and what has been carried out. History and monitoring are easily accessible.

You can also share some areas of the tool with others. For example, you can give your various businesses access by logging in to restricted functions such as fault reporting via the internet. Or why not use the tool as part of your systematic fire protection work and report what the business must check and confirm.

We can help you with:

  • Updating of information
  • As-built drawings
  • Monitoring of laws and regulations
  • Supervision and servicing
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Fault reporting
  • Inspection monitoring
  • Contract monitoring
  • Document management

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